Bitcoin miner killed in gruesome accident

A desperate Bitcoin miner was electrocuted while trying to boot up his computer to collect more cryptocurrency.

Danai Makmek, 26, was restless after his sprawling crypto mining machine failed and the hard drive failed to turn on again in Thailand on Tuesday.

The panicked crypto fanatic told his older brother about the broken equipment and pleaded for help with the repair – for fear of losing valuable mining time.

His brother Apiwat Makmek said he would take him to a computer repair technician the next day and boot up the system that could make bitcoin worth thousands of dollars every week.

However, Apiwat said his brother was concerned and couldn’t risk the machine breaking for a day, so he tried to fix it himself.

Tragically, the tech enthusiast is said to have been killed after the Bitcoin mining computer exploded, electrocuting him.

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Recordings from the dead man’s room show the jumble of cables and drives he used for his digital currency production.

His devastated brother said, “I warned him, but he couldn’t wait. I think he panicked and stayed up all night trying to fix the problem.

“The computer has been modified to give it more power. I don’t think it was safe, but my brother built it himself for Bitcoin mining, which he really liked. “

Apiwat found his brother dead when he and a hired technician went to Danai’s room on Wednesday morning, where they found the shirtless man slumped over his Bitcoin setup wearing only blue shorts.

He immediately called emergency services trying to revive the bitcoin miner, but to no avail. The police were also there to investigate.

Police Colonel Santi Shoosheud said there was no evidence of forced entry into the man’s room and that he had no suspicious injuries, leading them to believe that Danai was electrocuted.

“We believe that he tried to fix the broken machine himself and received an electric shock in the process. We are still investigating the case, but no break-ins or suspicious injuries have been identified, ”he said.

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Bitcoin is a digital currency invented in 2009 that suddenly gained popularity in 2017.

However, there are concerns that the amount of electricity used to mine bitcoins could be damaging to the environment.

To earn a bitcoin, computers have to solve complex mathematical sums that require a lot of power.

The bigger your setup, the greater the chance of finding a bitcoin, but also increasing your energy consumption.

Most of the mining is done in China thanks to cheap electricity costs.

In Russia, a man set his skyscraper on fire two years ago when he illegally tapped the power grid to run his crypto mining system. Fortunately, nobody died from it.

In the UK, West Midlands officials searched what they believe was a cannabis farm, but instead found a maze of Bitcoin drives.

In this case, the enormous use of power on the premises had been suspected, which initially led the police to suspect that it was used for drug production.

Police heard that many people were visiting the unit throughout the day with many cables and ventilation ducts visible, while locals said three men were behind the operation.

When the police stormed the premises, they discovered 100 powerful computers connected to a complex system.

West Midlands Police say the computers illegally used thousands of pounds of electricity to mine Bitcoin on a large scale.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced here with permission


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