Narrabri’s allusion to the rare pink giant snail with a slimy souvenir

Tourism companies in a town in northwest New South Wales have come up with a pink and slimy souvenir to get visitors talking.

A sticky pink toy snail is now on the stands of the local visitor information center, alluding to the rare giant pink snail on nearby Mount Kaputar.

Narrabri Shire Council Tourism and Community Development Manager Nicola O’Neill said the creature was truly unique to the area, so creating a souvenir in its honor was a breeze.

“We thought what a cool idea, possibly creating a toy based on one of our very, very unique and very elusive creatures on Mount Kaputar.

“Many people may not know that it can only be found on Mount Kaputar, so the concept began.”

The lifelike toys are a topic of conversation at the Narrabri Visitor Information Center.(

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Start a discussion

Ms. O’Neill said the new souvenir was a talking point among guests and locals entering the visitor information center.

The lifelike sticky pink snails are about four inches long, just like the original.

She said she hoped this would fuel a discussion about the species and its conservation.

“We thought what a good way to start a discussion, to actually have something like this in the information center,” she said.

“You saw the snail and other people didn’t see the pink snail and ask, ‘Where can I find it?’

“It really piqued that interest now to go to Mount Kapturar and find that pink snail.”

The giant neon pink snail of Mount Kaputar near Narrabri in NSW.
The snails are found in a small area forged by ancient volcanic eruptions.(

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Rare species that thrive after the 2019 bushfires

Those who dare to see the rare, bright pink giant snail are more likely to spot them after a downpour.

In October 2019, a fire devastated Mount Kaputar National Park after more than a year of drought, and it was feared that the inhospitable conditions would decimate the population of the threatened species.

But a few snails showed up in January 2020 and more have been sighted since then.

Visitors interested in catching a glimpse of the slugs are asked to follow COVID-safe measures when visiting the National Park and to log their sightings in the Slug Sleuth app.


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