The most common questions about polio vaccination

The immune system is divided into two types, namely, innate immunity, which is transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy, and acquired immunity, which is formed by repeated infection with various diseases, as the body works to develop itself to combat bacteria and microbes attacking it, and records in its memory the shape and type of disease with a view to Prevent him from attacking the body again.

The most common questions about polio vaccination

A set of wrong habits that some mothers follow negatively affect the child's immunity, and weaken it, which leads to the recurrence of a disease more than once.

In the following lines, the "consultant" reviews the wrong habits that weaken the child's immunity, according to Dr. El-Sherbiny Mohamed, a specialist in pediatrics.

1- Eat sugars

Sugar-rich foods and drinks are the biggest destroyer of the child's immune system, as bacteria feed on sugar, which causes a weakening of immunity, which explains the recurrence of infection in children.

These foods include foods and drinks that contain white or brown sugar, jam, honey, pastries, white flour, natural sweetened or canned juices, and flavored yogurt, so it is advised not to over-eat them.

2- Preservatives and artificial colors

Children love different types of sweets, such as pastries, potato bags, canned juices, soft water, etc.

These substances also increase cell inflammation, which exhausts the immune system, and thus weakens its ability to attack diseases, which makes the child vulnerable to recurrence of infection.

3- Unnecessarily frequent use of antibiotics

Some mothers rush to buy antibiotics and give them to the child if his body temperature rises, or if he suffers from any other symptoms, without consulting a specialist doctor.

This wrong habit is one of the most dangerous things that can destroy the child's immune system, so the body must be given an opportunity to identify the germs and microbes that cause disease, and to develop itself to fight them, without outside intervention.

4- Child's exposure to stress

The child's exposure to excessive stress negatively affects the immune response, and this causes an imbalance in the hormones.

Psychological stress does not mean excessive punishment, or family instability only, but also the obligation of the child to do things that exceed his ability with regard to studying or otherwise.

Therefore, you must avoid exposing the child to psychological stress, taking into account that he gets an adequate amount of sleep,