Reasons that prevent you from feeding your child before the age of 6 months .. When will he be ready?

A few moms surge and feed their infants a half year before birth, explicitly in the fourth month, to assist them with developing, realizing that during this period, breastfeeding ought to be fulfilled, on the grounds that strong food varieties may open them to the danger of suffocation. 

For what reason is it taboo to take care of infants before the age of a half year? 

All specialists concurred that breastfeeding - both characteristic and fake - is adequate to furnish babies with the fundamental sustenance for the development interaction, so there is no compelling reason to take care of the youngster prior to arriving at the age of a half year, since his body won't be prepared to acknowledge strong food sources and condensation them effectively before the lapse of this period, for the accompanying reasons: 

Reasons that prevent you from feeding your child before the age of 6 months .. When will he be ready?

- The stomach related framework isn't completely evolved, and if the youngster has a family background of colon illnesses and sensitivities, it is sure that taking care of him early may open him to looseness of the bowels, colic and regurgitating. 

- Infants experience the ill effects of the reflexive response of the tongue, which makes them push any food that enters the mouth to the outside, and hence the mother should stand by until the infant arrives at the age of a half year, so he can handle his tongue, and he can move food from the front of the tongue to the back And swallow it without any problem. 

The newborn child experiences issues gulping food, because of his failure to sit so that he can settle his neck and head without assistance from anybody. 

Signs that children are prepared to eat 

1-Show an interest in the food that others eat. 

2-The capacity to control the head and sit without the help of the mother. 

3-The kid's weight has arrived at 5 kg. 

4-Close his mouth around a tablespoon. 

5-Reprimanding food and not spitting it when eating.