How do we differentiate between corona and rheumatic fever?

Their symptoms are similar in children .

Specialists face extraordinary trouble in diagnosing kids with the arising Covid and rheumatic fever, because of the comparability of the two sicknesses in certain indications, particularly high internal heat level and sore throat. 

In such manner, Dr. Hala Agha, top of the pediatric cardiovascular unit at Abu Al-Rish Emergency clinic, said that the Crown pandemic adversely influenced the revelation of some heart sicknesses in youngsters, maybe the most noticeable of which is rheumatic fever. 

How do we differentiate between corona and rheumatic fever?

Agha clarified that rheumatic fever is an uncommon sickness that influences kids from the age of 5 to 15 years, either through hereditary qualities obtained from guardians or disregarding the therapy of sore throats coming about because of a bacterial disease, and its indications incorporate "joint inflammation, muscle and nerve torment, and high temperature.

A portion of the manifestations of Crown are like the indications of rheumatic fever, making a few specialists endorse prescriptions for kids that negate the sickness they experience the ill effects of, which demolishes their wellbeing, as per the pediatrician. 

Agha showed that the bacterial contamination that causes rheumatic fever may represent a genuine danger to heart wellbeing, as it opens it to the danger of harm and disappointment and messes valve up, focusing on that this is what may befall kids in serious diseases with the Covid. 

Furthermore, toward the finish of her discourse, she suggested that moms ought not give fever-decreasing medications to youngsters when they have a fever, yet rather visit the expert specialist promptly, to discover the obsessive reason and acquire suitable treatment for it.