4 medical contraindications that prevent your child from vaccination against polio

After its launch today .

Today, Sunday, the Service of Wellbeing and Populace dispatched the public polio immunization crusade, focusing on 16.5 million kids, from one day to five years of age. 

The immunization crusade, which started in the early hours of today, will proceed for a time of 4 days, and will end on Walk 3, comparing to Wednesday. 

4 medical contraindications that prevent your child from vaccination against polio

In spite of Egypt's achievement in enrolling zero instances of polio since 2006, as indicated by WHO insights, however it is quick to give inoculation consistently, to upgrade the resistance of youngsters against this viral sickness that objectives the focal sensory system, as per Dr. Mohamed Shabib, expert pediatrics. Furthermore, babies 

Shabib added that there are youngsters who can't get the oral polio immunization, "Sabine", in view of certain microbes, which are: 


Youngsters with immunodeficiency illnesses are disallowed from accepting the polio immunization, on the grounds that the infection produced using the Sabin antibody isn't dead, which expands the odds of transmission to them when they are ingested. 

2-Intestinal catarrh 

The mother should initially ensure that her kid doesn't have an intestinal flu prior to being immunized against polio, in light of the fact that the Sapin immunization with this illness won't work as expected in the digestive tract. 

3-Take cortisone 

Kids who take cortisone have a feeble resistant framework, so their bodies won't battle the infection in the oral antibody, which prompts contamination. 

4-Leukemia and lymphoma 

The invulnerable capacity to battle infections diminishes if the youngster with leukemia or lymphoma is going through chemotherapy, and hence, he can't get the polio inoculation, in light of the fact that the immunization will open him to disease and not forestall it. 

Concerning results, Dr. Jehan Al-Sharnoubi, educator of pediatrics at Cairo College, clarified that the polio inoculation may open the youngster to certain side effects, like high internal heat level, spewing and looseness of the bowels. 

Al-Sharnoubi focused on that he isn't stressed over the symptoms of the polio immunization, since they vanish all alone soon after getting it.